What's so different about us

Why NiNY

01. The Insiders: our Guides

All our guides ( which we call Insiders ) are New Yorkers ready to share with you the secrets of the Big Apple.

02. Feel at Home

New York is a multi-cultural metropolis. Don’t miss any detail thanks to our groups crafted to make you feel comfortable in your native language

03. Exclusive Spots

There is a rooftop at every angle and even more nightclubs. We spent years partnering only with the best ones to make your night unforgettable

04. Unconventional Tours

You are here to have a hell of a night and that’s exactly what we promise, thanks to our “insiders” ( our special guides )

05. Meet people from all around

One of the busiest cities in the world can feel very lonely. People at our tours usually stick together even in the following days and strong bonds are created every night

06. Not ``Just`` Nightlife

There’s so much to do in this city. Ask our “insiders” Tips and Tricks to enjoy the Big Apple at every time of the day

What's Special

About Us

“The places you go are just incredible. I felt like I was in a movie the entire time, it was like if I was part of this mesmerising city”….

Yes, that’s what we are all about. We won’t spend our time explaining to you the history or the architecture of the building you are visiting. We’ll make you feel part of the community of the Big Apple, this incredible machine that never sleeps and kidnaps your heart as soon as you are stepping in.

The key to the New York Nightlife

Meet Our Insiders

We spent years putting together the perfect team of Insiders. All from different backgrounds, they all moved to New York after falling in love with it. Now their goal is to give you the tools to fall in love with it too

Tony Minervini
CEO & Founder

Alia Pezzino
Responsabile comunicazione internazionale

Daiana Actis
Latin America

Mariangela Ciccone
Responsabile comunicazione internazionale

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